Favorite Cookie of 2012

ImageOf 2012

It’s time to officially say goodbye to 2012. It has been an amazing year and I have learned so much about my cookie craft. I would have to say that my favorite creation this year has been this little guy. Or should I say big guy, he’s almost 6″ tall!
I ruined a few of these learning how to paint with luster dust 😦 but I have to say the end result was well worth it. Perhaps I’ll post a luster dust tips and tricks.
My main goal this year is to get my website EdiesCookieCouture.com up and running but it’s kind of stressful y’all! Hence this blog. I wanted someplace to come and be able to just have fun and spread the cookie love. I hope this blog will be a sorce of inspiration, and instruction for you. I am sure you will be able to help me out along the way too!
So here’s to you, a new blog, and a new year so full of promise. Welcome to Edie’s Cookie Crumbs Blog.


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