luster dust, a few tips

So luster dust is magical. It can really add something special to your cookies. It comes in a powder form and you can use it thay way or as a paint. Today im going to be talking about using it as a paint. When you use it in its liquid form it intensifies the result and you get a beautiful sparkly cookie.


Tools needed:

Luster dust

A small paintbrush (used only for food)

Triple sec

Dry decoratrd cookie


1. Let your Decorated cookie dry overnight. Don’t be tempted to paint on your Icing before this, It will have a much more likely chance of degrading when you paint the luster dust on.

2.   So now you are going to mix a small amount of luster dust and a small amount of triple sec. A little liquid goes a long way, add very slowly just until you have a paint consistency. Too much liquid and you will pit your cookies. If you do too much don’t worry. Simply add more dust or wait for some of the alcohol to evaporate.

Liquid causing pitting in icing.

Liquid causing pitting in icing.

3. Using your small food paintbrush, carefully apply to your cookie in the desired area.

4. let it dry, stand back and enjoy your handiwork!



Theoretically any alcohol based liquid would work including extracts like vanilla. However speaking from personal experience I have found triple sec to work the best. I  tried Vodka and ruined a few cookies. The reason we use alcohol is after you have painted your cookie the alcohol evaporates! So don’t worry about your kids eating these cookies 🙂 Also remember liquid and royal icing are mortal enemies. If you use water, 100 % without a doubt your icing will dissolve and mar your cookie.


I keep my luster dust in a plastic painter’s pallet because when you are done using the luster dust, all of the liquid will evaporate and you are once again left with dust that can be used over and over again!


Color your icing to  a shade close to what you want your end result to be. For the gold effect the icing underneath was a light yellow color. For purple use purple ect.


Luster dust isn’t scary, with a little bit of practice you will be addicted. However, for your first time make sure to make extra cookies incase you and your icing are having issues.



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