Valentine’s Day VooDoo Dolls


Don’t you just love these guys!? I LOVE them. I am always drawn to things a bit quirky and voodoo dolls for valentine’s day seemed to fit the bill. Plus any excuse to use buttons is okay with me! Over the last two weeks I have been working on my Valentine’s day sets and woo exhausting! But it’s done and I posted the new Gift sets on the site today. You can check them out here if you would like. 

The main thing I wanted to post about today was the burlap texture of the dolls. It really adds a wow factor to the cookies. It’s the details that really make a special cookie. To do this I modified  the technique posted by SweetSugarBelle. You can find the tutorial here. She made beautiful ratan bunnies. My goal for the Voodoo dolls was a more subtle woven fabric look, resembling burlap or muslin. So where she used two different colors of icing I only used one but the rest of the technique was the same. 

This is why I love blogs and this is why I wanted to create my own. By sharing her beautiful creations it opens up a whole creative world for other cookie artists. When you see something amazing look at it and then think, “how can I apply that technique in my own unique way?”

Not feeling that confident in your skills yet? No problem, copying is the highest form of flattery right? Start copying to build your skills (just give credit where credit is due) and soon you will find your mind working in new ways, and you’ll be walking down the street and BAM! Cookie idea.

Now go get Cookieing!



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