Edie’s Perfect Sugar Cookie Recipe

The perfect sugar cookie is quite the elusive thing. I think part of the problem is that everyone has a different idea of just what a perfect sugar cookie is! I have tried countless recipes with varying degrees of success, and after pulling the things I liked from a few and tinkering around Edie’s Sugar Cookie recipe was created. My goals were as follows. 1. a delightful texture. Not hard, or doughy. Edie’s cookies are slightly crisp on the outside and soft in the middle. 2. Have an acceptable amount of spread. These cookies do puff up a bit and spread. I don’t find it to detract from my work at all, and my shapes still look the the cookie cutters. If you need ZERO spread say for puzzle pieces that you actually want to fit together you need to find a recipe without any baking powder or baking soda. 3. and last but not least delicious! These are delicate in flavor, but super yummy and complement the royal icing that will be on top.


Edie’s Sugar Cookies:

3 sticks of butter at room temperature. (1.5C)

12 0z of white sugar (1.75C)

2 oz of powdered sugar (0.5C)

4 eggs, preferably at room temperature (eggs can easily be brought to RT by putting them in warm water for about 2 min, not boiling you don’t want to cook them!)

2t vanilla extract

2t almond extract

1pound 9 oz flour (4.5C)

2t baking powder

1t salt, (leave out the salt if using salted butter.)


1. Beat butter until creamy, if using cold butter it will take about 3 min on high.

2. add sugars and beat about 2min on medium high

3. add eggs one at a time, adding the next when first is mostly absorbed, add in vanilla and almond extracts.

4. in separate bowl combine salt, baking powder, and flour stir to combine.

5. lower the speed on your mixer and add the flour to the mixer in thirds.

6. mix until fully incorporated, about 1 min.

7. Your dough will be soft! you want it soft. If you dough was able to be rolled out right now that would mean you had a lot more flour in your recipe, so instead of buttery sugary goodness, your cookies will taste like flour, blagggh

8. Divide into 3 sections wrapped in plastic wrap. Form these into a flat disk, this will help them cool evenly and be ready to be rolled out straight out of the fridge.

9. Let chill at least 7 hours preferably overnight. The best thing about these cookies is they can be rolled straight out of the fridge! Roll out to 1/4″ thick and bake  at 400 degrees for 7-11 minutes depending on size.  You want them just barely set. When the middle doesn’t look “wet” your good. a slight brown on the edge is okay but get them out of the oven as soon as you see a tinge of brown. don’t overcook them, decorate and eat yum!

A perfectly Baked Cookie:



I hope you enjoy them,



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